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Sebastian Ridley-Thomas

Sebastian Ridley-Thomas
Chief Strategist of the African American Voter Registration
The Honorable Sebastian Ridley-Thomas (Ret.) serves as Chief Strategist of the African American Voter Registration, Education, and Participation (AAVREP) Political Action Committee. AAVREP is the longest continuously-operating voter registration and turnout organization in the State of California.

A student of campaigns and elections, Ridley-Thomas has worked on campaigns from a very young age. He is a millennial dedicated to community building and empowerment.

Prior to joining AAVREP, Ridley-Thomas represented Southwest and West Los Angeles in the California State Assembly for three terms where he focused on issues ranging from economic development to civil rights. He made voting rights a high priority and chaired the Committee on Elections and Redistricting where he crafted California’s landmark automatic voter registration law, updates to the new motor voter program, advanced permanent absentee voting, and strengthened the California Voting Rights Act in the face of federal attacks. Ridley-Thomas graduated from Morehouse College in 2009, where he majored in sociology.