AAVREP Mourns Ruther Bader Ginsberg

A Champion for Voting Rights

Celebrating Juneteenth Virtually


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Since 2000, we’ve been dedicated to increasing African American and urban voter registration, education, and participation through outreach to targeted communities in California. To date, we’ve registered over 250,000 New Registered Voters in California.

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Election 2020 is here. Join us as a digital organizer for voter registration and mobilization.

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On behalf of the African American Voter Registration, Education and Participation Project (African American Voter REP), thank you for registering to vote and exercising the fundamental obligation of citizenship...

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For twenty years, AAVREP has fought in high stakes elections to ensure Black votes count. The Black vote will decide the future of California and America.

Countdown To The General Election

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There’s still time to make your voice heard… (register to vote) today!

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